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The Clairidge uses Vestaboard to promote films and events in their historic theater lobby.

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Meet The Clairidge team from Montclair Film, New Jersey's leading film non-profit.

"In 2021, we took over the lease on The Clairidge, a historic, six-screen movie theater that had been abandoned during the pandemic. We've been struggling with signage and looking for ways to communicate all of our programs. A marketing partner of ours, Hiker, gifted us our Vestaboard. It immediately transformed our marketing and communications in the theater.

We are able to promote upcoming films and events, welcome school groups that come for field trips, and communicate important messages to our patrons. We program a playlist of slides to rotate throughout the day and can easily edit information as it changes. The design fits perfectly into our lobby working well with our modern aesthetic."

- Jill Montague, Marketing Director


Learn more about The Clairidge at www.theclairidge.org or @theclairidge.

Learn more about Vestaboard at work.

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