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Vestaboard “perfectly complements” VINYL restaurant and bar


"We needed a conversation piece to accessorize the space," says Kamal Patel of VINYL, a North Carolina restaurant bar. "But we wanted to avoid showing random things on a TV." Vestaboard was the answer.

VINYL is an “elevated neighborhood bar” with a craft cocktail and high-quality food menu, as well as elements that reflect the neighborhood's industrial history. "Vestaboard perfectly complements our intention to create something reminiscent of train station split-flap boards."

Vestaboard+ allows VINYL to easily schedule music-related messages such as Spotify (Now Playing), Beatles Lyrics, Diva-Licious, Best of Bowie and Famous 70s Lyrics. The content fits the bar’s atmosphere which includes “portraits of musicians from bygone eras.”

Vestaboard is installed above the bar. "As the flaps begin to move, customers have the pleasure of noticing Vestaboard out of the corner of their eyes. Unsurprisingly, cell phones are pulled out in anticipation of the next message!"

vynil-3Learn more about Vestaboard at work.


Tags: Hospitality, Work, Bar, Vestaboard+, Restaurant

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