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Meet Our Customers

Posts about home

Vestaboard is family’s centerpiece for dream home

Customer loves teaching his son at home through Vestaboard

Vestaboard+ user enchants Vestaboard with Harry Potter channel

Vestaboard is the perfect finishing piece for designer and her client

These moms love using Vestaboard daily at home with their families

Vestaboard helps remind family to #MakeTheBestOfIt

Vestaboard entertains Jennifer Garner during her “Pretend Cooking Show”

A focal point in the Johnson family home

Entrepreneur uses Vestaboard at home to track business and delight family

Vestaboard captivates children at home

Vestaboard is a place to capture ideas for San Francisco couple

Zach Braff cheers with Vestaboard

Voiceover actor entertains on Twitter with Vestaboard

"Fun trying to surprise each other"

Jennifer Garner uses Vestaboard to pay tribute to "The Office"

Celebrate World Kindness Day with Jennifer Garner