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Vestaboard mesmerizes artist Alli K

Dallas-based artist Alli Koch “loves to be surprised each morning with the quote of the day on Vestaboard,” she says.

Alli is a muralist and a published author of 8 books. Her busy schedule of book tours and collaborations keeps her always on the go, but Vestaboard helps her stay connected with her family even when she’s traveling. “Sending notes to my husband through Vestaboard while I’m away is how I use it most.”

Her home mirrors her creative career, with beautiful art and design. “Vestaboard is a statement piece and is the coolest, most functional art piece in our space. I can sit in front of it for the longest time just mesmerized.”

Alli and her husband love to entertain, and Vestaboard is now an integral part of that. When guests see it, they “instantly pull out their phones and ask us to make Vestaboard move again.”

“I’m excited to share it with friends at our Christmas party!”

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Tags: Home, Living Room, Vestaboard+

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