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Vestaboard plays essential role in family’s daily routine

mother2 (1)“Our Vestaboard has become a central point of inspiration and delight for my entire family,” says customer Patricia Dao in Los Angeles, California. 

Vestaboard, installed in their living room, is now an important part of her family's daily routine. “Every morning, my 7-year-old daughter loves reading quotes from the family channel, which always helps to slow us down from the morning rush to pause and reflect on the importance of love, family, and life.”

Every member of the family has their own favorite Vestaboard+ channel displayed throughout the day. "When my kids come home from school, they get excited to see what Vestaboard+ design or personalized encouraging quotes await them."

The Dao’s love the addition of Vestaboard to their home. Patricia remarks, “Vestaboard is a beautiful interactive art piece that has truly become part of our family. We couldn’t live without it!”

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Tags: Home, Children, Living Room, Vestaboard+

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