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Migrate Journey: Exploring Stories of Migration to London's Tower Hamlets

PHOTO-2024-04-27-09-20-13 2Mile End Community Project (MCP) is a non-profit organisation based in Tower Hamlets, London. It is a youth and community group helping young people and the wider community recognise their potential, with an emphasis on creative expression, which has won them numerous awards for their (projects) including films that cover a range of topics from (fried chicken) "Chicken and Chips" to Migration.

Migrate Journey is a project that started in 2017, exploring the often difficult journeys that migrants make to find new beginnings. The project began with a short film that has been screened at numerous festivals and events and included as an educational resource to help more people understand migration  journeys.
Building upon the success of the film in phase one, Migrate Journey MCP managed to secure a large grant from the Greater London Authority (GLA) as part of the ‘Untold Stories’ grants by the Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm.

This phase (second iteration) of the project of Migrate Journey gives physical form to the stories of migration the artists collected, existing as a steelwork structure displaying portraits of participants and extracts of their testimony being displayed on the Vestaboard whilst resting on reclaimed iron wheels. The scaffold-like installation evokes movement, labor, and the making of new worlds. 

The award winning Chisenhale Gallery hosted the launch of Migrate Journey installation with a program of free events celebrating the untold histories of migration to Tower Hamlets. The installation will then travel to different public spaces and locations, reconnecting with the ongoing narrative of migration and extending the project's impact to diverse communities.

Migrate Journey is a collaboration between Nurull Islam from Mile End Community Project, architect Shahed Saleem, and photographer Rehan Jamil and was funded by Untold Stories, part of the Mayor of London’s Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm and supported by Chisenhale Gallery and the University of Westminster.

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