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Vestaboard empowers educators at Menlo-Atherton High School

M-A Academy Vestaboard_1“Our students in our program love our Vestaboard,” says teacher Chris Rubin. Vestaboard’s eye-catching design not only injects a playful energy into the classroom but also serves as a powerful communication tool for educators and the school's leadership. 

“Besides the color and fun it adds to the classroom when the bits spin, Vestaboard also allows our teachers and leadership group to display important reminders and messages to our students.” It enables teachers to effortlessly share vital information with their students and serves as a dynamic platform for displaying essential reminders, project due dates, and upcoming events. 

“Of course, we are always sure to have some fun displaying jokes or riddles, and, of course, we love showing a little program pride!” It becomes a focal point for laughter, entertainment, and fostering a positive classroom atmosphere.

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Tags: Work, Children, Education

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