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Vestaboard encourages collaboration in co-working space

roam1Roam, a workspace in Atlanta, Georgia features four Vestaboards in their communal area. “They are a great addition to our space, and we’ve found many ways to use them,” says Roam’s general manager, Allie Dunivant.

Beyond displaying artful designs, the weather, and motivational quotes, Roam uses Vestaboard to inform its members on which rooms are available for coworking. When a room becomes available, Vestaboard turns green next to the name of the room.

Roam aims to foster connections between its members to encourage entrepreneurial success. The four Vestaboards are not only a focal point for workers but they also help create a collaborative environment.

“We use Vestaboard to highlight celebrations for our team and members, as well as to welcome new guests,” adds Allie.

roam2Learn more about Vestaboard at work.

Tags: Office, Work

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