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Vestaboard creates a space to host friends and family


When we connected with customer Manish Gupta, he shared how Vestaboard has become a centerpiece in his family's living room. Learn about his love for Vestaboard below:

Vestaboard has become an integral part of my family’s living space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. It's not just a stylish addition but also a centerpiece of our home. I love the design, the mechanical marvel, and the sound of changing messages that now serve as our morning alarms, markers throughout the day, and a reason for me to stand up and walk around the house to see what Vestaboard has for us. The sound of a changing message makes me feel like I'm traveling through space and time.

Specifically, I use Vestaboard for weather updates, sports scores, flight tracking, inspirational and comedic one-liners, sharing the guest wifi network and password, displaying the personal bar menu when friends are over, and every Tuesday evening at 6 pm, it reminds me to put the trash cans out.

Learn more about Vestaboard at home.

Tags: Family, Home, Living Room

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