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Company culture and marketing boosted by Vestaboard at Oyler Hines group


“Vestaboard is a great way to reinforce what we’re all thinking or lighten the mood,” says Oyler Hines Co-Founder Michael Hines.

The Oyler Hines group of Coldwell Banker Realty installed a Vestaboard to welcome clients into their office and create a lively company culture.

Not only do they use it in the office, they also use it for their own marketing. Oyler Hines Co-Founder Scott Oyler says Vestaboard makes it easy for them to convey their message to anyone. “We do a lot of video marketing, and with Vestaboard and the way it flips, it looks really, really cool,” adds Scott.

Vestaboard allows the Oyler Hines office to stay in sync. “We absolutely love the flexibility because we can have different messages go in at different times. It’s so easy to control it from the app,” Scott continues. That way they never forget a birthday, or as equally important, national donut day! “Hint hint, don’t forget the donuts!” jokes Becky Mannix, Director of Operations.

Michael laughs, “It really comes down to adding that extra little bit of fun to anything we have going on!”

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