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Vestaboard helps reduce caregiver's stress


“Vestaboard has been an absolute blessing for my mom and me,” says Penny Ulmer the daughter of Marjorie Ann Ready, an 82-year-old retired health aide. 

Marjorie has memory issues and is living in a home about 20 minutes from her daughter Penny. Her mom used to call her throughout the day panicked and worried. Now, with Vestaboard, Penny sends Marjorie three to four messages a day, “she checks Vestaboard and feels connected, informed, and calm.” Marjorie’s response to Vestaboard has reduced Penny’s stress as her caregiver.

Although Marjorie has a very poor memory, she remembers to check her Vestaboard daily and loves the sound because it grabs her attention. “My mom can’t get over how cool the technology is.”

Throughout her career, Marjorie dedicated her work to serving others. “She always taught me to not accept the standard but to be creative and use intention and ingenuity to see and meet needs.” Vestaboard is the perfect tool for Marjorie. 

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