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Vestaboard’s cloud API helps create workplace culture


“All I planned for our Vestaboard was to let us put up fun messages, which would’ve been enough – but we ended up using it for so much more,” remarks Ricardo Signes, Fastmail’s Chief Technology Officer.

"Our Vestaboard has played a significant role in fostering a creative and connected workplace culture," he continues. “Maybe the most surprising part was how much our Australian office wanted to be able to read and update the Philadelphia Vestaboard!”

Fastmail was able to adapt their Vestaboard for their company's needs thanks to Vestaboard's open cloud API. The firm has developed their own API interface, which aids in efficient communication. "It's a good method for all of us to be alerted of crucial things like all-hands meetings or other vital information coming up," Ricardo explains.

Joe Woods, Fastmail’s Client Team Lead, adds, “We have a lot of fun with our Vestaboard. It creates a lot of inspiration for us — both for the things that we do at work day to day, and for other ways we might want to think outside the box.”

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Tags: Developers, Office, Work

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