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Vestaboard White

A fresh take on our award-winning flagship design. Limited edition of 1,000. Be among the first owners of Vestaboard White.
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Limited Edition

Be one of only 1,000 owners

Vestaboard is a messaging display you can control from anywhere. Inspire your favorite people with the right message at the right time. Vestaboard White was made for you.

A fresh take on our award-winning design

Vestaboard White is perfect for creating beautiful spaces, ready to show the right message at the right time.


Vestaboard at Work

A delightful, easy way to keep your guests, customers or team connected and informed.

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The best of analog and digital

It’s not a digital screen. 8,448 magical spinning flaps you control with your device from anywhere.

Controlled from your phone or desktop

Inspire others, display lists, menus, quotes, patterns, or connect to hundreds of services for automated content*.

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*Integrations and more now available with Vestaboard+

Award-winning product design

Built with the highest quality, vetted materials. Designed by a seasoned team of experts, it’s beautiful inside and out.

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