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Vestaboard shows real-time data to spark office discussions

airthings (1)"Vestaboard is an incredible device that adds culture to our office," says JJ Baird, Director of Strategic Accounts at Airthings, a company that manufactures indoor air quality hardware.

At Airthings’ Fort Worth office, Vestaboard displays real-time room air quality levels. Through the shared messaging experience, "The automatic Vestaboard updates have sparked a discussion about the different air quality levels in our office; it's almost like a team-building exercise," Baird shares.

Vestaboard's open cloud API made it easy for Airthings to connect with and update Vestaboard every 10 minutes. According to Baird, "The programming was extremely simple, and the entire development took about two hours." 

Airthings is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, where the team can send messages to the Fort Worth Vestaboard to communicate with the Texas-based team. “It is nice to feel connected to the office over there” Baird commented.

“Vestaboard has added a cool, techy vibe to our Technology-based office,” he continues “We welcome visitors to our office with Vestaboard too, they love it!”

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