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We donate 1 Vestaboard for every 100 sold

We built Vestaboard to help our customers inspire others.

Nominations are currently open.


Meet our Inspire Community Partners

Rescue: Freedom

Rescues an average of 12 lives per week from slavery.
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Make Slavery History

“We have team members scattered all over the world fighting human trafficking. Our Vestaboard will be a powerful way to share updates from the field, quotes from survivors, and reflections from those who are traveling.

We believe that the Vestaboard will help everyone in our office, and those who visit us, to feel more connected to the life changing work happening all around the world, every single day.”

Jeremy Vallerand, CEO and President of Rescue:Freedom

USA for UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

Delivered 12 million vital supply items to refugees around the world last year.
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Dedicated to finding solutions to homelessness in Silicon Valley
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San Jose Downtown Association

Making a better place for business, residents and visitors through events, advocacy and more.
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We always offer 15% off for nonprofits in the USA, Canada and Europe.

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