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Family shares special moments on Vestaboard



Customer Brandi Sellers sought a way to stay connected with her family. With two young sons and a busy schedule, it was hard to find time to connect and share special moments. That’s why she felt thrilled upon discovering Vestaboard. 

"We use Vestaboard in our daily lives," Brandi shares. Not only does Vestaboard help the Sellers enjoy more moments of connection, but it has also proven to be an excellent way to stay up to date with the latest sports scores and news headlines. Her sons enjoy exchanging messages and seeing funny quotes and jokes on Vestaboard throughout the day, too.

Vestaboard has become a staple in their home, and her sons “absolutely love” it. "It's pretty much our home fave," her sons said. "Seriously amazing."

Brandi agrees – Vestaboard is a game-changer for her family.  “Our Vestaboard keeps us connected and inspired!”

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Tags: Home, Children, Living Room, Vestaboard+

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