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These moms love using Vestaboard daily at home with their families

Thank you to our customers Ann, Patricia, and Margaux for sharing their favorite inspirational quotes on Vestaboard in celebration of Mother’s Day. Find out how they enjoy using Vestaboard at home with their families daily.

mother3a (2)

"We use the Word Of The Day message in the evening to indicate it’s time to get ready for bed. We all look forward to the dad jokes from Vestaboard+ every day - even our 16 year old will smile if it’s an eye-roller. An inspiring quote or fun pattern of color always keeps the home cheery the rest of day!"

- Ann Crady Weiss, Mom of 3. Menlo Park, California.


"It’s a beautiful interactive art piece that has truly become part of our family. We have all selected our own Vestaboard+ channel to send motivating messages throughout the day. Every morning, my 7-year-old daughter loves reading quotes from the family channel, which always helps to slow us down from the morning rush to pause and reflect on the importance of love, family and life. When she comes home from school, she gets a thrill to see what surprise Vestaboard+ design or encouraging quotes from mom and dad are waiting for her. We couldn’t live without it!"

- Patricia Dao, Mom of 2. Los Angeles, California.


"When my husband Peter first purchased Vestaboard I was a bit skeptical and suggested it go downstairs by the ping pong table. But the very next day I was the one requesting it be moved upstairs to our kitchen and dining area! We use it every day to exchange fun messages, riddles and notes of motivation and family celebration. It’s a great delight for all 3 kids and us."

- Margaux MacPherson, Mom of 3. Kelowna, BC, Canada.

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