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Camp 4 Wine’s Vestaboard creates engaging conversations in restaurant

Vestaboard_Camp4Wine_Square"I had been following Vestaboard since pre-production and thought they would fit wonderfully in our space, replacing our TVs,” says Damon Robbins owner of Camp 4 Wine in Modesto, California. 

Vestaboard serves various purposes at the restaurant. Sports enthusiasts can stay updated with live updates from ESPN, while movie and TV quotes provide conversation starters for guests. "The Vestaboards add intrigue and interest, which is perfect for those quiet tables," Damon says. 

"Birthday messages really light up the whole space! The room will start singing because customers now all know the name of the birthday boy/girl." These magical moments foster an atmosphere of joy and celebration, with guests eagerly posing alongside the boards for memorable photos.

Learn more about Vestaboard at work.


Tags: Hospitality, Work, Bar, Vestaboard+, Restaurant

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