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Customer loves teaching his son at home through Vestaboard

terleski16-9"We use our Vestaboard for a lot of things, but our absolute favorite is teaching our son letters, numbers, and even the weather,” explains Jonathan Terleski, a Vestaboard customer (and now also an investor). 

He says his son, Thomas, gets so excited to learn from Vestaboard, that “he comes running from whatever room he’s in to see what it has to say – and then likes to yell out whatever he understands ... ‘Sunny today!’ ... ‘ABC’s!’ ... ‘Colors!’”  

Vestaboard's variety of colors and characters make it an ideal learning tool for children of all ages. Educational Vestaboard+ channels like “World Population,” “Country Flags,” “Word of the Day,” the “Periodic Table” and many more offer a refreshing way to captivate kids' attention as they learn. 

Learn more about investing in Vestaboard.

Tags: Home, Children, Vestaboard+

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