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Vestaboard catches customers' attention as menu

vesuvio-moc04In the new expansion of the world-renowned railroad terminal Pennsylvania Station, Vesuvio Bakery’s second location features two Vestaboards that catch customers’ attention as an attractive menu. Originally founded over 100 years ago in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, Vesuvio Bakery became famous for bringing their customers the best of fresh bread and other quality baked goods in a beautiful Italian-inspired environment.

“Vestaboard brings life to every wall and allows for a more fun and engaging way for customers to browse options while waiting in line,” says Paige Block, Vesuvio Bakery’s Director of Social Media. “In addition to the theme and practicality of Vestaboard, we love that our guests can experience our drink menu easily through our team’s use of the Vestaboard+ mirroring tool,” which keeps their Vestaboards in sync.

“When we were designing Vesuvio, we knew we wanted to incorporate the Vestaboard as a nod to a vintage split-flap display from the early days of train and air travel,” continues Paige. “Our mission at Vesuvio has always been about preserving and restoring the magic of old school New York with a modern twist, and Vestaboard does just that.”


Photos by Shannon Sturgis

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Tags: Coffeeshop, Hospitality, Work, Vestaboard+, Interior Design

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