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Vestaboard contributes to a dynamic atmosphere and the sensory journey of travel at Bonesaw Pilot House

Meet Bonesaw Pilot House, an 8,000 square foot brewery located in Deptford, NJ. The Pilot House’s aviation theme was inspired by the old-world charm of classic airports. Here, the focus is not just on crafting exceptional brews but also on creating a dynamic atmosphere that immerses its patrons in the sensory journey of travel.

Head of Taproom Operations, Alan Doe, sourced Vestaboard for Bonesaw Pilot House which currently uses 5 displays. 4 of them are located directly above the bar and alternate between current menu offerings and customer news and reminders. The 5th board is used at the merchandising counter to greet customers.Another highlight for Alan has been his ability to control and update Vestaboard remotely. Since he lives in Florida, this capability allows him to update menus, share customer announcements, and curate content all from a distance. Learn more about Vestaboard at work.

Tags: Multiple, Hospitality, Work, Bar, Restaurant

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