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As we approach the milestone of 10,000 Vestaboard owners, we invite you to participate in our future growth by becoming an investor. We plan to build an extraordinary company with products that help our customers inspire others.

Vestaboard is a beautiful messaging display used by our customers to inspire loved ones, team members and guests.

Invest as an Individual

Inquire as Accredited Investor

We have a three-part plan to build an extraordinary company:


  • Scale our flagship product into the forecasted $6.6 billion smart display market, differentiated by design and software
  • Grow our recurring revenue by continuing to build valuable and inspiring content on Vestaboard+
  • Launch a second, more affordable messaging display to scale our customer base and our recurring revenue via our subscription software platform


We began shipping Vestaboard in 2020 and have grown our revenue from just under $1 million in 2020 to over $10 million in 2022 thanks to our customers.


We invite you to learn more about our plans to scale our flagship product, expand our software offering and to participate in the design and launch of a second, more affordable display product. 


Vestaboard is considering a Rule 506c offering and gauging interest in a regulation-CF offering. No money or any other form of compensation is being solicited. It will not be accepted if it is sent. There will be no acceptance of any offer to purchase securities. There are no obligations or commitments associated with any expression of interest.


Forms required to be filed by the SEC: