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REI’s Vestaboard excites customers at the service desk

“Everybody comments on the Vestaboard, no matter if they’re six years old or 60 years old,” says Colby, REI’s Master Tech.

REI in Jackson Hole, Wyoming installed Vestaboard above the bike and ski service desk to keep customers informed and grab their attention with fun facts. “As soon as customers hear Vestaboard they can’t help but look at it,” he continues.

The versatility of Vestaboard allows REI to customize its signage according to the season and customer. Additionally, they use Vestaboard+ to automate messages and find more content to display. “It’s a phenomenal tool. The user experience is seamless and fast,” Colby explains. “Vestaboard is a mechanical wonder!”

Learn more about Vestaboard At Work.

Tags: Video, Work, Vestaboard+, Retail, Interior Design

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