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Creative business owner uses Vestaboard to inspire

“My Vestaboard adds creativity and personality to my space as an interesting art piece,” says UK customer Natalia Talkowska. “When I saw Vestaboard for the first time, I straight away fell in love,” she explains. “I felt like, wow, this is so beautiful. It’s tech, meets art, meets story, meets sounds.”

For the ten-year anniversary of her business, she decided to purchase one. “It was an awesome decision. I couldn’t be happier!”

She installed Vestaboard in her home as functional art to easily transition from entertaining friends and family to business meetings. "I use Vestaboard as a backdrop for my calls – and engage people by being cheeky with it!” she continues.

Natalia runs her own agency, Natalka Design, which aims to improve team communication through visual art. She tells us how Vestaboard is a unique way for her to instill creativity and joy in her work. "I put different quotes, lyrics, and words depending on how I feel. Or I go to ‘Todays Picks’ in the app and choose something that connects with me. Vestaboard is so multifaceted, and I really enjoy that.”

Natalia's nephews, ages 6 and 12, also appreciate Vestaboard. "They loved using the visual part of the app and started to draw and see how Vestaboard reacted. My brother was so pleased because it distracted them and gave us more family time.”

“I’m really happy I purchased Vestaboard. I love how Vestaboard combines art, technology, and design.”


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