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Control your Vestaboard from anywhere

With Vestaboard’s free mobile and web based applications, your messaging capabilities are endless. With Vestaboard+, you can take your Vestaboard to the next level.

A messaging experience unlike any other

From anywhere in the world, you can easily send and schedule messages for your loved ones, team members, or customers.

Get to know the core features of the free Vestaboard app

Get creative with the visual editor
Group 44
Daily inspiration with “Today’s Picks”
Access drafts, history, and favorites
Group 51
Invite loved ones to send messages, too
Group 50
Control multiple Vestaboards
manage multiple Vestaboards

Take enjoyment to new levels with Vestaboard+, our optional paid service. Curate and automate a new world of content for your Vestaboard.
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Choose your Vestaboard+ channels and let your messages start rolling in.

A growing library of automated content
Group 57
Never miss the latest news
News - v2-1
Quotes from movies, musicians, and more
Group 66
Real-time sports scores for all your teams
Sports - v2
Curated, beautiful patterns of art
Art of the Day - v2
Stay up-to-date with your calendar
Group 65
Show what’s “Now Playing”
Group 62
Stock and crypto alerts as often as you’d like
Group 56-1
Infinite inspiration and motivation
Group 58


Control Vestaboard directly from your existing or new applications, or build your own custom channels.

Request access to our API

Send, Create, and Automate

Purchase your Vestaboard and subscribe to Vestaboard+ today to unlock a new world of content and inspiration.