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Vestaboard adds excitement to Oasis Youth Center

1Visitors are greeted by Vestaboard at The Oasis Youth Center in Tacoma, Washington. The center, which provides a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ youth, installed Vestaboard to keep visitors informed and engaged.

"As a youth center, we wanted to have an exciting and engaging way to share what is happening," explains Daniel Ensley, Development & Partnerships Specialist. "People can't help but gather around the Vestaboard as it changes to a fun design, an interesting quote, or other announcements!"

Vestaboard serves as a central hub for information and communication. The staff uses it to announce upcoming events, share inspiring quotes and artwork, and showcase the achievements of the center's members. 

Learn more about Vestaboard At Work.

Tags: Vestaboard+, Nonprofit

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