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Vestaboard increases member engagement at co-working space

TheWax_2_SquareVestaboard was a dream purchase for The Wax Space, a coworking and event space in Dallas, Texas. "Vestaboard has increased our member engagement on Instagram since it’s such a fun photo op,” says club manager Savannah Young.

Vestaboard+ allows the Wax Space team to schedule an inspiring quote to start the day, and announcements or shoutouts to members throughout the day. "People get super excited to see the announcement for the day when they hear the tiles clicking every morning,” Savannah continues.  

In the evenings, the space is rented out for private events, such as weddings, and Vestaboard becomes a main feature of the space. “We had a band perform one evening and the Vestaboard changed to welcome them. They were so impressed!”

Learn more about Vestaboard at work.

Tags: Office, Work, Vestaboard+

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