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Vestaboard completes historic home renovation for Thawer family

gatos-moc-horAmyn Thawer and his architects & designers knew Vestaboard would be the perfect piece to complete the renovation of his family’s historic, German-modernist bungalow in California. They decided to give Vestaboard a prime location in the dining room, knowing that its aesthetic would enhance the classic modern “aura” of the home while also bringing the space to life.

“We love the form and function of our Vestaboard,” says Amyn.

Swiss design magazine Das Ideale Heim recently featured the home, noting the bungalow’s beautiful preservation that still successfully adds modern functionality.

“Today, when we congregate for dinner, our Vestaboard doubles as art and a conversation starter,” he explains. Vestaboard has proved to be an eye-catching way to delight visitors as well as display family reminders and words of celebration and encouragement. “The pitter patter of the flaps catches everyone’s attention, especially our dinner guests,” Amyn continues.

With the family’s love of music and art, they enjoy rotating Vestaboard between music lyrics and colorful artistic patterns, often from “Today’s Picks,” which is part of the core Vestaboard app, and from their saved favorite designs.

But Amyn’s favorite moments with Vestaboard have been sending messages home to his family while he’s been away traveling for business. Knowing that his note is hanging on the wall all day to remind his family that he loves them feels even more meaningful than a text that just disappears.

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Tags: Home, Dining Room, Interior Design

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