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Vestaboard White
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Meet the most beautiful messaging display

Delight your family, guests or team with your Vestaboard.
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Join the waitlist for fall delivery

We've reached 12,500 customers! We're back in production and excited to ship again this fall. Be first to know when pre-orders open.

Vestaboard White

Vestaboard White is sold out for the summer and is now available to pre-order for fall delivery. Inspire family, team members, or guests by easily sending messages from anywhere with a fresh take on the award-winning messaging display.

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Inspire your favorite people from anywhere

Vestaboard creates a focal point that enhances any setting every day and captures attention with a shared messaging experience.

Art, organization and inspiration in a single frame.

At Home

Art, organization and inspiration in a single frame.

Inform and inspire the people that move your business.

At Work

Inform and inspire the people that move your business.

The best of analog and digital

It’s not a digital screen. 8,448 magical spinning flaps you control with your device from anywhere.

Controlled from your phone or desktop

Inspire others, display lists, menus, quotes, patterns, or connect to hundreds of services for automated content*.

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*Integrations and more now available with Vestaboard+

Award-winning product design

Built with the highest quality, vetted materials. Designed by a seasoned team of experts, it’s beautiful inside and out.

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