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Vestaboard becomes a gift for the whole family

“Truly, in one week's time the Vestaboard has brought so much joy and even more love to our home,” exclaims Lindsays Hoffburh. Her husband had been wanting a Vestaboard for years and finally, his family surprised him with one for his birthday. Vestaboard turned out to be a gift for the entire family! 

“We have a 9-year-old and 11-year daughter, and they have loved and used our Vestaboard as much as my husband and I have,” says Lindsay. 

Vestaboard is in a central part of their home to offer a unique source of communication. “We share loving comments, fun quotes, and silly facts throughout each day!” 

The Vestaboard has also allowed the family to stay connected even when they are apart. “We love getting messages from my husband while he is at work too!” the mother added.

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