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Vestaboard+ user enchants Vestaboard with Harry Potter channel


“Vestaboard feels like magic, so what better way to stay connected to a world of wizardry than through a device that feels magically enchanted?”

Alex Skinner produced the latest Harry Potter inspired Vestaboard+ channels as an innovative method to keep connected to the Wizarding World while at home. Vestaboard+ customers can display headlines from "The Daily Prophet" and "The New York Ghost" wizarding news on their Vestaboard.

Vestaboard+ also allows Alex and other customers to get NBA score updates, quotes and art of the day. But Alex’s favorite feature is the ability to develop and share his own custom channels with other Vestaboard+ users. We can’t wait to see what he dreams up next!

Learn more about Vestaboard At Home.

Tags: Home, Vestaboard+

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