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Vestaboard delights wedding guests with personalized messages

02Marcos and Kevin selected Vestaboard as a centerpiece at the venue entrance for their elegant outdoor wedding. “It turned out stunning!” Marcos shares. The couple used Vestaboard first as a seating chart and then to schedule hundreds of personalized messages to guests.

"We had 100 different sayings, quotes, and shoutouts pre-programmed to rotate throughout the cocktail hour!"

In addition to sharing messages of joy, Vestaboard’s unique aesthetic held special meaning for the newlyweds. "With one of us being a flight attendant, we wanted to incorporate a nod to travel into our wedding," one of the grooms, Marcos, explains.


Photos by Lauren Mihae Photography

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Please note this Vestaboard was temporarily outdoors. Vestaboard is not rated for outdoor use or direct sunlight. To learn more visit our Help Center

Tags: Hospitality, Vestaboard+, Interior Design

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