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Family finds connection, organization, and celebration with Vestaboard


“Vestaboard adds value to our home and stands out for attention,” says Steve Chazin in Fairfax, Virginia. 

The Chazin family enjoys having Vestaboard installed in their kitchen as a way to stay connected, organized, and up to date, as well as to celebrate special moments together.

“Some of the coolest use cases for this product are sending automatic sports score updates, stock prices, traffic information, calendars and even cryptocurrency price fluctuations,” he says.

As a technology exec and enthusiast, Steve appreciates how Vestaboard “magically” delivers information directly from the internet or his family’s mobile phones in a “mechanical, analog style.”

“You can send a message directly to Vestaboard to let a loved one know you are bringing home dinner, or automate information to Vestaboard on a regular schedule or when something changes,” he explains. 

Some of Steve’s personal favorite uses for Vestaboard are sending “love letters” to his wife, sharing inspirational quotes before big events, celebrating sports heroes, greeting guests by name, and displaying not only the local weather but also the weather in the locations where his children live.

“Vestaboard is extremely cool.” 

Learn more about Vestaboard At Home.

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