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Vestaboard is a centerpiece of style and inspiration for architect’s custom home


Meet Camilo, an architect hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Colombia. Camilo laid eyes on Vestaboard at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York and instantly knew it would make the perfect addition to his custom home.

Now proudly displayed in his space, Vestaboard has become more than just a stylish addition to Camilo's home—it's a dynamic medium for self-expression. He often sends his own messages, turning his living space into an ever-changing canvas of thoughts and inspirations.


Camilo's home has become a hub of creativity, doubling as a sought-after location for various projects. From music videos to fashion brand shoots, his Vestaboard captures attention and serves as a captivating backdrop for creative endeavors. "It's the first thing my guests notice," Camilo notes. It sets the tone for the innovative and welcoming atmosphere that he's cultivated.

In the hands of Camilo, Vestaboard transcends its functionality, becoming an integral part of his artistic expression and a focal point for those who step into his world.


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Tags: Home, Living Room, Dining Room, Interior Design, Art

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