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Vestaboard teams up with customer and baseball MVP Christian Yelich

May 20, 2024 / by Maddie Frame

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 5.29.55 PM


Vestaboard customer Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers baseball star and 2019 NL MVP winner, and the company have partnered to spread the word about Vestaboard, a beautiful messaging display Christian purchased last Christmas.

“When I first saw Vestaboard, I knew I needed one and ordered it right away,” Yelich commented. “They did not disappoint. It’s a stunning product, and I love that my family and friends can send a message to my Vestaboard from anywhere in the world. Motivation is a huge part of what keeps me focused, so I love all the inspirational content on Vestaboard+… and the real-time sports scores, of course."

"I also love the Vestaboard brand and purpose around inspiring the favorite people around you. I’m excited to share that message.” Christian added.


Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 5.30.42 PM


“Nothing is more inspiring than the drive and focus of a professional athlete, who is constantly pushing their talent and capabilities to maximum limits,” said Dorrian Porter, founder and CEO of Vestaboard. “The entire team was excited to learn Christian became a customer, and the idea of a partnership was very natural.”

As part of the deal, Vestaboard will work with Yelich to identify up to 50 organizations this year who will receive a Vestaboard as part of the Company’s Inspire Community program, in which 1 in 100 of every Vestaboard sold is donated to an inspiring person or organization. The program has already reached over 100 classrooms, organizations and people making a special difference in the world, and who now use Vestaboard to inspire their students, volunteers and communities. 

We're currently accepting our fifth round of Inspire Community nominations. We invite you to participate by nominating an organization that inspires you; nominations will close June 20th. 

For his part Yelich picks up an equity stake in the Silicon Valley start-up, who last year was named one of Fast Company’s ten most innovative consumer product companies in the world, alongside giants like Apple, Samsung and LG.

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Maddie Frame

Written by Maddie Frame

Maddie coordinates paid media marketing and manages Vestaboard’s social platforms. Lover of chai lattes, beach time & exploring the great outdoors.

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