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Bould Design Drops New Highlight Reel for Vestaboard

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on July 02, 2021

132 Bits. 8448 flaps. 8 colors. Endless inspiration.

Tags: Team, Video, Company

Inspire Community Winners selected

Posted by Kristin Keeffe on May 21, 2021

Each winner will receive a beautiful smart messaging display.

Vestaboard honored with Red Dot Award

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on April 23, 2021



Vestaboard, a beautiful messaging display that you can control from anywhere, is proud to join iconic brands like Apple and Porsche that have also been recognized with this award. Watch our video announcement.


Tags: Team, Video, Company

Vestaboard in the wild: Jennifer Garner, Zach Braff and more

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on April 14, 2021

Watch Vestaboard's inspiring customers enjoying Vestaboard "In the Wild."

The Download reports on Vestaboard

Posted by Kristin Keeffe on February 05, 2021

Tags: Video

Live Event Replay

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on January 13, 2021

Thank you to all who joined yesterday's Live Event! View the recording to learn about investment opportunities, our software and apps, new customer stories, our Inspire Community program and more.

Tags: Video, Company

Vestaboard fundraising is live on StartEngine

Posted by Kristin Keeffe on December 16, 2020

Vestaboard’s crowdfunding campaign is live on StartEngine. Learn more here. Vestaboard is excited to focus on this campaign after a successful Series Seed financing, commencing mass production and selling out of its Founding Edition.

Tags: Video, Company

A Letter from our CEO

Posted by Dorrian Porter on November 25, 2020

We have sold out of all 3,000 units of our Founding Edition!

Your voice means the world

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on October 30, 2020

Your voice means the world. USA, we encourage you to vote.     

Tags: Video