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Vestaboard in the wild: Jennifer Garner, Zach Braff and more

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on October 13, 2020

Some of our very inspiring earliest customers are already enjoying Vestaboard! We love spotting Vestaboard in the wild -- and we're sure you will too.

Vestaboard: Arriving Home + Company Update

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on July 08, 2020

Watch our newest video commercial and company update featuring our Founder and CEO Dorrian Porter and his daughter Ashley, and how they use Vestaboard at home.

Customer Live Q&A Replay

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on June 26, 2020

Our Live Q&A for Customers was a success! You can watch the replay anytime.

Live Event Recap

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on June 10, 2020

View the full video replay or read the highlights from yesterday's Live Event hosted by our CEO / Founder Dorrian Porter. Discover the design and production of Vestaboard, behind-the-scenes stories, our shipping schedule, and much more.

Presenting our Vestaboard News hub

Posted by Dorrian Porter on June 08, 2020

Welcome to the Vestaboard News hub! Enjoy our demo video and a letter announcing the launch of our News hub.

The medium is the message

Posted by Vestaboard Support Team on May 07, 2020

Video of the first six manufactured Vestaboards in San Francisco featuring a powerful message from Canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan.

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Customer Story: Office

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on May 07, 2020

Today, we're sharing with you the story of Vestaboard customer Josh Clemm, an engineering manager at Uber who works on Uber Eats. When Josh is managing his team, he prioritizes great work culture, diversity and inclusion, putting employees first, and having fun!

Customer Story: Meredith

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on May 06, 2020

Meet our customer Dr. Meredith Saillant, who can't wait for her real Vestaboard to arrive. Meredith has been helping test our software at home with her kids. Her family enjoys how Vestaboard can easily update multiple times a day, whether for routine schedule items, occasional reminders, fun surprises, or just to say hello. 

Customer Story: Coffeebar

Posted by Carolyn Nickell on May 06, 2020

Now, we're sharing with you the story of Vestaboard customer Greg Buchheister of Coffeebar. Coffeebar was founded in 2010 in Truckee, CA after Greg took a trip to India and then set out in search of the perfect spot to open his own coffee shop -- and now they're putting Vestaboard in all 9 locations.