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Sonos certifies Vestaboard

December 15, 2022 / by Kristin Keeffe



You can enhance your total sound experience with “Sonos (Now Playing)” displayed on Vestaboard. Look up with your favorite people to discover the song title and artist beautifully displayed on Vestaboard via a connected Sonos device. Watch the video above and take a look at our press release below.

Vestaboard is now "Works with Sonos" certified; the badge verifies products that seamlessly connect with the Sonos system. You can see Vestaboard listed on the Sonos.com “Works with Sonos” page. 

Vestaboard’s Founder and CEO, Dorrian Porter, says, “We created Vestaboard to help people inspire each other. Few things are as inspirational as music, and, through music, Sonos offers a brilliant sound experience. The addition of ‘Sonos (Now Playing)’ to Vestaboard via the Sonos platform advances our mission in a powerful way.”

To set up the "Sonos (Now Playing)" channel, open Vestaboard+ within the Vestaboard app on mobile or web, activate the channel with your Sonos account, and select which of your speaker locations you’d like to link.

Additionally, “Now Playing” for Vestaboard+ is also available with Spotify and Apple Music. To learn more about our software, explore the free features of our core app and Vestaboard+. “Now Playing” integrations are just one of nearly 250 channels available on Vestaboard+. What features and channels would you like to see? Tell us here.



Vestaboard enhances total sound experience with “Sonos (Now Playing)” displayed on Vestaboard 


Vestaboard now works with Sonos to offer enriched listening and aesthetic experience


San Francisco- December 2022 - Vestaboard today announced it has enhanced the sound platform for the connected home with “Sonos (Now Playing) featured on Vestaboard. Vestaboard, the beautiful, award-winning messaging display that offers a shared messaging experience at home and at work, can now automatically display any song currently playing on a connected Sonos device. Vestaboard accessed the Sonos platform and its open APIs to create the feature.
Vestaboard is one of the select products that is verified by the Works with Sonos program. A brand that now connects sound with the design world, Vestaboard is known for its award-winning and innovative design that modernizes an iconic display, bridging the gap between technology and human connection. Vestaboard is an internet-connected display that can be controlled from anywhere, and Vestaboard and Sonos share a commitment to products that are beautiful and easy to use.
Vestaboard’s Founder and CEO, Dorrian Porter, says “We created Vestaboard to help people inspire each other. Few things are as inspirational as music, and Sonos helps connect people to the music and audio content they love. The addition of “Sonos (Now Playing)” to Vestaboard via the Sonos platform makes the home setting an even more inspiring place.”
To access this new integration on Vestaboard, simply select Sonos from the Vestaboard+ library of content. Once access to Sonos has been authorized, Vestaboard customers can begin watching the titles and artists of their favorite tunes beautifully displayed.
About Vestaboard, Inc
Vestaboard was made to help people inspire each other – a sleek design, users can send any message at any time from anywhere.  Vestaboard’s 8,448 flaps flutter to create a welcomed, mesmerizing sound and encourages people to look up. An experience that combines both the visual and auditory senses, Vestaboard’s concept is unlike any other form of electronic communication as it offers focused, high-visibility messaging that brings people together and creates more inspiring environments. Vestaboard+, the brand’s optional software subscription, enables owners to curate and automate content from a vast and growing library of channels. For more information about Vestaboard, please visit vestaboard.com or contact Kristin@vestaboard.com. 
About Sonos
Sonos (Nasdaq: SONO) is the world’s leading sound experience company. As the inventor of multi-room wireless home audio, Sonos innovation helps the world listen better by giving people access to the content they love and allowing them to control it however and wherever they choose. Known for delivering an unparalleled sound experience, thoughtful design aesthetic, simplicity of use, and an open platform, Sonos makes the breadth of audio content available to anyone. The Works with Sonos badge verifies products that seamlessly connect with the Sonos system. Sonos is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Learn more at www.sonos.com.


Learn more about Vestaboard+. Shop Vestaboard now for holiday delivery in North America; inventory and delivery estimates listed at checkout for other regions. The price of Vestaboard is set to increase on January 1, 2023.

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Kristin Keeffe

Written by Kristin Keeffe

Kristin is Head of Marketing and PR for Vestaboard. She sometimes loves her golden retriever named Ace. And her kids and husband too.

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