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Presenting our Vestaboard News hub

June 08, 2020 / by Dorrian Porter

Welcome to the Vestaboard News hub! Enjoy our demo video and a letter announcing the launch of our News hub.

When we went to CES in January 2018 to first preview Vestaboard to the public, I still didn't know what a crazy idea this really was to pull off.

I didn't know so many people would show up to help along the way. I didn't know how hard they'd work, or that they'd be willing to stick with it for every single change.

I didn't know we had to get it exactly right before we could manufacture the first one. And there were times I didn't know if we would get it right.

But then someone like you would show up at that exact moment and push us forward with your excitement and trust.

So thank you.

As you may have guessed, I love a great story. Even more so during times of unrest. Today, as we prep for our very first deliveries of Vestaboard in just a few weeks, we are excited to launch our News Hub to share even more stories, photos and videos of our Company with you.

In addition to facts about the business and production, we want to share the stories behind the making of Vestaboard, the team behind it, and all the people, including customers, who have supported us along the way.

As we focus on completing our first deliveries within weeks, we will share the outline of our production plan in detail along with a live online event, hosted by me and featuring other team members. Our team is united by a shared passion for design, tech, communication, and connection -- you can find us everywhere from our headquarters in San Francisco, CA, to Montana, Oklahoma, Arizona, Alaska, Massachusetts, Canada, Egypt, Dubai, and China. If you'd like, you can learn more about us on our team page and in a forthcoming article.

I hope you enjoy the News hub as a way of discovering more about Vestaboard. You'll have the opportunity to learn much more in the coming weeks and months as we present additional articles and content for you. 

Above: This video demos how Vestaboard smart display enables easy maintenance "Bit" by bit, no tools required. Bits are the name for our patent-pending modular character units that rotate to show messages comprised of letters, numbers, punctuation, and vibrant colors.

Tags: Letter from our CEO, Video

Dorrian Porter

Written by Dorrian Porter

Founder and CEO of Vestaboard Inc. Canadian, father of three, Beatles lover.

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