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Vestaboard+ takes enjoyment of Vestaboard to new levels

February 28, 2022 / by Mark Confroy


Vestaboard+ is live! Curate and automate a new world of content for your Vestaboard with the debut of our optional software service.

Sync Vestaboard with your favorite news sources, calendars, music streaming services, stock and cryptocurrency portfolio, professional sports teams, weather reports and more.

With Vestaboard+, you can also:

  • Create and customize your own channels for your Vestaboard.
  • Submit and share your custom channels with the larger Vestaboard+ community.
  • Browse and add channels across a growing, diverse range of topics. 
  • Temporarily mute messages to Vestaboard outside of your regular Quiet Hours. 
  • Send the same content to multiple Vestaboard displays you manage simultaneously.

Not sure where to start? Request a free video chat with our team to create an incredible stream of automated content that caters to your use case.

No matter what your interests, Vestaboard+ gives you the content and tools to help get the favorite people in your life looking up.

Watch the new video to discover Vestaboard+, and get to know our full software offering here.

Tags: Video, Company

Mark Confroy

Written by Mark Confroy

Mark leads all things product to ensure our software supports customers in inspiring from anywhere. Outside the office, you'll find him catching live music, trekking through state parks, or hosting game nights with family and friends.

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