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Rough Trade at Rockefeller Center to feature 5 Vestaboard displays

May 26, 2021 / by Kristin Keeffe

Rough Trade, the iconic independent record shop, announced that it will use Vestaboard for in-store customer communications at its NYC location.

Opening on June 1st at Rockefeller Center, Rough Trade NYC will employ Vestaboard to communicate an array of information to Rough Trade customers, including new releases, newly announced NYC live shows, inspiring lyrics and best-selling LPs. Vestaboard will enable Rough Trade to share thoughts, news, and information, often in real-time, with all store visitors, not just those they are able to chat with in person.

“We are thrilled that Rough Trade, an iconic purveyor of great music, has chosen to feature Vestaboard in this prime location. Using Vestaboard to share up-to-the-minute information with its unique clientele is exactly how we envisioned Vestaboard supporting its customers.” --Dorrian Porter, Vestaboard Founder and CEO

Check out Rough Trade’s Sneak Peek announcing its plans for Vestaboard.

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View from Rockefeller Center by Veronika Bykovich on Unsplash


Photo by Joe Lavigne on Unsplash


Photo by Rough Trade

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Kristin Keeffe

Written by Kristin Keeffe

Kristin is investor relations lead and legal advisor. She has over 20 years experience as a corporate and commercial attorney, and worked with our CEO at the same law firm at the start of their careers and at the CEO's previous company.

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