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Presenting Vestaboard's Customer Stories

June 30, 2021 / by Carolyn Nickell

Take a look at Vestaboard in customers' homes and workplaces. Discover the stories of how customers are using Vestaboard to inspire others.



Bob Abbott


Home Vestaboard. Truckee, California.

“I love the Vestaboard to put up a new inspirational or funny quotation everyday - it brightens the day. The ability to customize the message when friends come over is always a great conversation piece too.”




Steve Zadesky


Father of two. Home office Vestaboard. Portola Valley, California.

“Every day the kids stop by and read the quotes I post. They love the sound that it makes and find it so cool that we have ‘art that changes.’

The posts are great conversation-starters for my kids, and a personal challenge for me is to find quotes that they can both understand and appreciate.”





Amyn Thawer


Dining Room Vestaboard. Los Gatos, California.

“When we congregate for dinner, our Vestaboard doubles as art and a conversation starter.

The pitter patter of the flaps catches everyone’s attention — especially our dinner guests.

We love the form and function of our Vestaboard!”





Doug Millen


Kitchen Vestaboard. Highland Park, Illinois.

“Some of my favorite messages so far have been morning greetings from our daughter who has been away at college.

We view the Vestaboard as a work of mechanical art. It is exceptionally well made and easy to use…all who have seen it marvel at the satisfying clacks of the flaps as we await to see the next message to be revealed.”




Gretchen Wustrack


Design strategist. Living room Vestaboard. San Francisco, California.

“David and I have been having fun trying to surprise each other in the middle of the day with great new quotes we find. In the flurry of the work week, Vestaboard has been a place we capture ideas we want to sit with longer. Our cat is completely mesmerized.”




Fred Bould - Bould Design


"We use Vestaboard to greet guests, to leave birthday messages for our team members, and to display inspirational quotes. Visitors are always captivated when the Bits start spinning and the message changes. It adds an element of delight to our space and makes people smile."

Tags: Customer Stories

Carolyn Nickell

Written by Carolyn Nickell

Carolyn, who manages communications, loves to help the world stay connected and inspired through Vestaboard. She also enjoys coding and playing ukulele.

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