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Vestaboard honored with Red Dot Award

April 23, 2021 / by Carolyn Nickell



Vestaboard, a beautiful messaging display that you can control from anywhere, is proud to join iconic brands like Apple and Porsche that have also been recognized with this award. Watch our video announcement.




Special thanks to the incredible team at Bould Design, and to our Lead Product Designer Faiza Moore.


“Vestaboard is a wonderfully mechanical, yet digitally controlled split-flap display designed to connect and inspire people. 

In an age where everywhere you look, another LCD display is foisting unwanted information, Vestaboard provides a platform for the written word and color composition to once again be celebrated. Poetry, quotes, heartfelt messages, and beautiful color patterns can all be delivered with an element of captivating mechanical wonder. 

The Vestaboard ‘Bits’ produce a lively, fluttering sound when the letters are spinning, alerting all those around to a new message or composition. A phone app and web interface allow users to easily post messages and designs.The 132 Bits display letters, numbers, punctuation and all the colors of the rainbow.” -- via Bould Design


Watch Fred and Anson at Bould Design discuss how they applied their creative philosophy to Vestaboard and learn about Vestaboard's patented design.



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Carolyn Nickell

Written by Carolyn Nickell

Carolyn, who manages communications, loves to help the world stay connected and inspired through Vestaboard. She also enjoys coding and playing ukulele.

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