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Customers rate Vestaboard best-in-class via NPS

October 06, 2022 / by Carolyn Nickell




Vestaboard ranks best-in-class for technology companies, according to our Q3 quarterly Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. The NPS survey asked customers how likely they are to recommend Vestaboard on a scale of 1 to 10. 75% of customers gave Vestaboard a 9 or 10, resulting in an NPS score of 64 and placing Vestaboard in the top quartile for technology companies. (Source: Comparably.com.) Vestaboard’s NPS score climbs to 70 among customers who subscribe to Vestaboard+. See a selection of responses:


"Amazing product. Everyone raves about it." - Austin Barrett George

“It’s one of the greatest things I own." - Oliver Hussick

"Perfect combination of style, tech, and functionality. Beautiful design and easy to manage." - Sam at Progress Ventures


CEO and Founder Dorrian Porter says, “I am proud of our score as it suggests that what we deliver succeeds in providing great value to our customers. They mentioned how Vestaboard is enjoyable to use, inspiring, and brings people together at homes and workplaces, echoing the values that drive the company and team to excel.”

With over 200 channels on Vestaboard+ and the Vestaboard White Limited Edition in manufacturing, the team is on a mission to make the Vestaboard experience even stronger for its customers. Shop Vestaboard Flagship Black or Vestaboard White now, learn about participating in our current fundraise, and explore more customer stories now.

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Carolyn Nickell

Written by Carolyn Nickell

Carolyn, who manages communications, loves to help the world stay connected and inspired through Vestaboard. She also enjoys coding and playing ukulele.

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