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Investment in Vestaboard Continues

August 06, 2020 / by Kristin Keeffe

With $4.3 $4.8 million in pre-orders, Vestaboard has started to ship its flagship smart messaging display to its earliest customers and plans to move to mass production shortly. The Company has completed all prototyping, R&D and supplier sourcing, with patents issued and pending for Vestaboard.

Dorrian Porter is the founder and CEO of Vestaboard. Steve Zadesky, who led and built the teams at Apple for the first iPod, first iPhone, and hundreds of Apple accessory products, is an advisor to the CEO. The design and engineering team members behind Vestaboard helped launch products such as the Amazon Echo and Nest.

The Company has raised $1,050,000 in capital from investors including Baroda Ventures (David Bohnett), Hany Nada (board member at Houzz and DraftKings) and Bob Abbott (former General Partner at Norwest Venture Partners, and lead investor in the CEO’s prior company).

Vestaboard is now offering two types of regulated investment offers to its 2000+ customers, current investors and to any investor who wants to participate in the smart display market.


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Kristin Keeffe

Written by Kristin Keeffe

Kristin is Head of Marketing and PR for Vestaboard. She sometimes loves her golden retriever named Ace. And her kids and husband too.

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