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Vestaboard launches Inspire Community; 1 in 100 Program

February 13, 2021 / by Kristin Keeffe

Vestaboard is thrilled to announce the launch of Inspire Community, its commitment to gifting one Vestaboard for every 100 sold. 

Vestaboard was built to help its customers inspire others. The company now invites its customers, friends and people who seek to spread inspiration to nominate an organization or individual who can use Vestaboard to help serve and inspire their communities. Make your nomination now.

Vestaboard’s Founder and CEO, Dorrian Porter, celebrated the program’s official launch. “We are honored that Vestaboard can support the work of organizations like Rescue:Freedom International that rescues children from slavery and LifeMoves working to break the cycle of homelessness. We look forward to partnering with more inspiring organizations and individuals who are committed to making a positive impact in their communities.”

Learn more about Inspire Community.

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Kristin Keeffe

Written by Kristin Keeffe

Kristin is investor relations lead and legal advisor. She has over 20 years experience as a corporate and commercial attorney, and worked with our CEO at the same law firm at the start of their careers and at the CEO's previous company.

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