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Vestaboard garners more press as inspiring holiday gift for the family

November 13, 2022 / by Carolyn Nickell


Spy Esquire logos above Vestaboard showing stock portfolio channel from Vestaboard+


After GQ reported that Vestaboard “ensures physical objects can still spark joy in this increasingly digital world,” Vestaboard was also recommended by Esquire’s SPY (below), Shonda Rhime’s Shondaland, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post

See what Esquire's SPY has to say in this excerpt:

“Vestaboard is a captivating, smart messaging display board that pairs vintage style split-flap with modern technology. With the help of Vestaboard’s free mobile and web-based applications, the brand introduces a unique, shared messaging experience controlled from anywhere in the world. The functional wall piece displays up to 132 characters at a time including rainbow colors and has 8,448 analog spinning flaps to utilize.

For Vestaboard’s founder Dorrian Porter, the idea to disrupt the smart world with this product was generated when he spotted this magical departure board, walking through the Gare du Nord station in Paris.

'I imagined what it would be like to have a display like that in my home — an interactive piece to draw everyone’s attention and wasn’t just another screen — that I could use to send my kids messages while traveling,' he told our SPY team. 'The smart display market is just getting started and it’s going to be very large. Design — from how it looks to how it works, it’s going to be a key differentiator especially for products we put in our home and use with our loved ones.'

While Vestaboard can bring life to the walls of your home because of its aesthetic value, it also has the ability to be customized to engage, inform and inspire in other environments. It can display metrics in the workplace, keep students informed at school, update customers on the newest menu at their favorite restaurant, and so much more.

Here’s another selling point: the sound of the turning bits is truly satisfying for your auditory senses (one would just have to hear it to understand)." -Joseph Cheatham at SPY by Esquire


Learn more by taking a look at our other press coverage. To see Vestaboard in action, explore our customer stories. Shop now.

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Carolyn Nickell

Written by Carolyn Nickell

Carolyn, who manages communications, loves to help the world stay connected and inspired through Vestaboard. She also enjoys coding and playing ukulele.

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