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Deep Blue Sports Showcases Vestaboard at Annual Summit

April 30, 2024 / by Maddie Frame

Deep blue news crop image 1


Deep Blue Sports + Entertainment, the media firm designed to become the leading agency of record in women’s sports, requested Vestaboard to welcome guests at its second annual Business of Women’s Sports Summit. Placed in the entryway, Vestaboard greeted accomplished athletes, industry leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs like Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird, Tia Blanco, Alexis Ohanian, Sara Fischer, Joanne Liu, Cari Champion and many more.

Positioning Vestaboard front and center to showcase Vestaboard’s utility, Deep Blue founder and media pioneer Laura Correnti called Vestaboard “a strategic add,” Deep Blue PR lead  Gabrielle Fratangelo added “it was the perfect welcome for our guests.” 


Deep blue news crop image 2


The Business of Women’s Sports Summit was developed to convene and connect stakeholders to uncover insights and propose solutions to drive investment in the women’s sports marketplace. “As a product that was built to inspire others, there is a natural connection between the long overdue celebration of women’s sports and Vestaboard. We were honored for Vestaboard to be featured at this important event,” commented Vestaboard CEO Dorrian Porter.

Tags: Venue, Press

Maddie Frame

Written by Maddie Frame

Maddie coordinates paid media marketing and manages Vestaboard’s social platforms. Lover of chai lattes, beach time & exploring the great outdoors.

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