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100 displays gifted through our Inspire Community program

May 03, 2024 / by Maddie Frame



We are thrilled to share that we have gifted 100 Vestaboard displays to support those inspiring the communities they serve.

Vestaboard’s Inspire Community program gifts one Vestaboard to individuals and organizations who are making a positive impact in the world for every 100 sold. Thank you to all those who nominated or casted a vote supporting a cause important to you.

We are honored to feature Inspire Community recipient Friends of the Children, Klamath Basin, an organization whose mission is to impact generational change by empowering youth facing the greatest obstacles through relationships with professional mentors.

Program Director Crystal Munro shared "Vestaboard creates a unique focal point of our beautiful new space, offering a sense of community, history and whimsy to every one of the children and families we serve.”

Vestaboard is proud to support the people and the organizations that inspire you, and we’re excited to begin our fifth round of nominations!

Tags: Company, Inspire Community

Maddie Frame

Written by Maddie Frame

Maddie coordinates paid media marketing and manages Vestaboard’s social platforms. Lover of chai lattes, beach time & exploring the great outdoors.

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