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Customers show love for Vestaboard+

April 24, 2024 / by Maddie Frame


Vestaboard+, Vestaboard’s optional software, has achieved an 84.9% lifetime renewal rate. This renewal rate far surpasses the top quartile for subscription service retention of 50%, according to industry expert Parsa Saljoughian.

Vestaboard+ offers Vestaboard customers access to 375+ channels to create personalized content, seamlessly integrate with daily-use services, celebrate special occasions, and stay informed on what matters most. Over 70% of Vestaboard displays that paired in 2023 opted for Vestaboard+. You can learn more about Vestaboard+ here.

"We are thrilled to witness the success of Vestaboard+ and see our customers continuing to choose our optional software,” said Head of Product Mark Confroy.

“Though small, our product team is driven to continuously create high-value content, enable personalized experiences and offer varied and wide-ranging topics for every customer interest,” he continued.

Tags: Information for Customers, Celebrate, Vestaboard+, Software

Maddie Frame

Written by Maddie Frame

Maddie coordinates paid media marketing and manages Vestaboard’s social platforms. Lover of chai lattes, beach time & exploring the great outdoors.

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