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Microsoft exec / developer "flipping loves" Vestaboard


Jeff Sandquist, Microsoft's Corporate VP of Developer Relations, enjoys helping developers "do great things in the cloud," as well as playing with his Vestaboard at home. In this video, Jeff has Vestaboard flip from a cute heart emoji design, to say "every cloud has a silver lining." A perfect quote for this cloud computing leader!

His Vestaboard is placed beside a vintage computer with a floppy disk drive and wired mouse, as a reminder of the evolution of technology, and creating a striking and meaningful installation. 

As part of our earliest group of customers, Jeff Sandquist has helped us to evolve Vestaboard's technology to keep improving the product and make it increasingly more amazing. Exciting things lay ahead! 

Sandquist's caption for this video reads:

A new toy and I flipping ❤️ it
🤩 Amazing build quality and finish
🤓 Analog UX and REST API
🔊 Love the click
🚀 Congrats @dgp and Team @Vestaboard

I’ll use this thread as I wire it up to things.

Learn more about using Vestaboard At Home and At Work

Tags: Video, Work, Inspirational Quote

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